• Course on Information Visualization (HEG-Geneva). The course aims at providing an overview of main topics related to the visualization of information. Existing techniques for representing, presenting and visualizing information are presented along with ongoing projects and state-of-the-art implementations.

  • Course on Multimedia Information Search and Visualization (EIA-Fribourg). The goal of the course is to provide an overview of principal techniques for indexing, searching and visualizing multimedia information.


  • Structuration of information. This seminar gives an overview of the new technologies linked to the structuration of information through languages like XML. A particular section is dedicated to the Web Semantic and the Ontologies.  

Student projects


Internship projects

  • Omar Mimet - Annotations semantiques des vidéos, summer internship

Diploma thesis

  • Christopher Dickinson (2011) - Authority Control for INVENIO: Developing authority management into the INVENIO digital library system
  • Xavier Butty (2011) - Next generation lecture recording: Multi-stream in HTMLS
  • Heger Garry (2010) - Open Track
  • Frederic Favre - HES-SO // Valais - Web 3.0 : L'interrogation intelligente
  • Antoine Darbellay - HES-SO // Valais - Web 3.0 : le web comme base de données
  • Nicola De Palma - HES-SO // Valais - Web 3.0 : Déploiement
  • Flavio Tarsetti - HES-SO // Valais - Suivi de visage avec un téléphone mobile Windows Mobile  
  • M. Brunner - HES-SO // Geneva - Extraction de vecteurs de mouvement de la caméra
  • M. Gaba - HES-SO // Geneva - Insertion de textes dans un flux video MPEG2
  • Eric Lederrey - HES-SO // Fribourg - Veille technologique sur les bases de données sémantiques, projet de semestre.
  • René Giller - HES-SO // Fribourg - Système d'annotation vidéos, semestre project 


Master thesis

  • Martin Maillard (2011) - Web Squared (Web2)
  • Joël Dumoulin - HES-SO // Fribourg - NAVIR: Navigation & Visualisation de l'Information Recherchée