The Memoria-Mea project aims to develop a PIM [1] system for managing multimedia content. It focuses on supporting a person in organizing and retrieving information across the whole collection of multimedia documents he/she has accessed and collected during daily life activities.


The system will support the user in searching, browsing and visualizing “multimedia memories” (e.g. pictures, videos, audio file, text file, etc.) according to his/her preferences, context, etc. thanks to the use of personalized information indexing and classification techniques based on a semantic model.


Whereas current multimedia search engines are designed for very large applications and large user community, the novelty of Memoria-Mea project is to support the individual memory, i.e. personal environments and data, by extending existing information retrieval and visualization techniques with cross-modal data mining and ontological models, based on user behavior and needs.



[1] PIM = Personal Information Management